The potted plants on the porch vanished.

The Victim: Corbin Lawson
The Crime: Theft
Date: Tuesday, July 20
Time: Between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Location: 9600 block of Spring Branch

Corbin Lawson and his wife enjoy a bit of gardening and sprucing up their home with plants and flowers. On the front porch, the couple had seven small potted plants and one large pot holding a rosemary bush. The greenery added a nice ambience to their White Rock Valley home.

But on July 20, a pesky plant thief made off with those front porch plants. Lawson, owner of the Lakewood Gym, finds the theft very frustrating and can’t understand why someone would take such a risk merely for potted plants.

“We may have lost $200 in the theft and some very nice plants, yet the monetary loss is not the concern,” he says. “If the perpetrator was just stealing to be taking the risk, my concern is how close they came to the front door during daytime hours. We also have a water fountain that the small plants were in front of. I decided to remove this just in case they needed to complete their decor.

“My only idea of why someone would take them is to complete their own decorations, sell them (good luck), or to test the option of getting close to the house for a larger crime.”

It is this last option that has him a bit concerned. In seven years at his home, Lawson’s car has been broken into twice, and a nice road bicycle was stolen in April. While Lawson found the plant disappearance humorous at first, the thought of someone stealing from his home did not sit well with him.

“The theft made me laugh,” he says. “The thought of someone being bold enough to park a car in front of the house, walk up to grab seven small pots, making several trips to the car, and then finally getting the larger pot that had to weigh 50-60 pounds was impressive and funny to realize how petty and bold some people can be. Of course, it’s more funny to think more than one person dashed away with the loot in hand — most impressive walking away with the big pot.”

Dallas Police Officer A.J. Serratos with the Northeast Patrol Division says this type of crime is not very common, but potted plants make for easy targets.

“This type of crime occurs sometimes,” he says. “It’s very easy to grab and go — and sell them for a few dollars. The only advice that I have is to leave your porch light on, and take the small pots inside to avoid being a victim of crime.”


Date when a burglar pried open the front door of a doctor’s office in the 8400 block of Walnut Hill


Number of prescription slips taken from the office


Total value of items stolen, including a 37-inch LCD TV, the metal cart used to wheel it away and a prescription tablet — after the suspect stopped to make a pot of coffee and munch on leftover cookies and candy

Source: Dallas Police Department press release