Mayor Park Cities says he has this budget thing whipped, now that we’re taking handouts from upstanding corporate citizens like Oncor. I’ll have a few thoughts about that tomorrow.

But he has missed an even more wonderful opportunity. The city should tax blogs, just like Philadelphia does. Every blogger must pay $300 for a business license, which Philly requires of any “activity for profit.” And it says any blog that has ads on it qualifies as an “activity for profit.”

Let’s say that there are 5,000 blogs in Dallas with ads or Amazon links or something similar. That works out to $1.5 million — even more than Oncor is donating. Plus, how many of those blogs regularly criticize the mayor? (Jeff looking very sheepish.) Talk about sweet revenge, eh Mr. Mayor?

How ever did Leppert miss this? Probably because it comes from Philadelphia, one of those Northeastern cities he ragged on during the Lakewood town hall meeting last week. Fortunately, he has bloggers like me to keep an eye on these things for him.