Delanie Davis (back row in front of the "I") and her Sting 96 soccer team, now #2 in the nation

Like I said, an embarrassment of riches.

Rising freshman Delanie Davis played in the national championship game with her Sting 96 team, becoming the third Lady Wildcat on next year’s squad with experience in the Super Bowl of youth soccer.

Delanie’s team finished the match and double overtime with a score of 0-0 and lost 5-3 in penalty kicks. “Playing that final game taught me you don’t always get what you want, no matter how much you want it,” she said.

Delanie gets her soccer advice from big sister, Carlie, a rising sophomore playing for the Baylor Bears. “She’s my biggest role model,” says Delanie. “She pretty much taught me everything I know about soccer.”

Delanie says she’s excited about heading off to the LH Freshman Center later this month. “I am looking forward to high school soccer. I think the best part will be just playing with all different girls.”

I just have one question for Delanie. How can I get season tickets?