We wrote about Stone Elephant a couple months ago in our story Loose Change Lunches. We recommended the quesadillas or the BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado). Uniquely, the lunch specials are good everyday, not just weekdays, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Another special thing about Stone Elephant is that they cater to the late nighters, unlike most of our restaurants the north-of-the-lake White Rock area. For example, I attempted to grab a bite at Subway on Forest Lane one weeknight last week — the time was 9:50 p.m. and, though the sign said they were open ‘til 10, the door was locked and the girls inside were sweeping up. I knocked. They — eyes stubbornly aimed at the floor — pretended not to hear. It’s as if Lake Highlands shuts down at 9, which is kind-a inconvenient during the summer. That’s why a comment today from Back Talk reader, Casey, struck a chord with me. Casey points out why Stone Elephant — which is technically in Lake Highlands but close enough to Northwest Highway to tell  East Dallas readers about it — is a Snuffers-esque option for those who live in this neck o’ the woods. See Casey’s comments following the jump:

Stone Elephant is a fantastic overlooked gem! Where have you been all our life? Maybe we’re a wee bit slow…but we’re so glad to have tried this place.

Recently on a Friday night:

Spent the day with some other families swimming; came home, cleaned up and were starving! It’s a little after 9pm…Went to Tex-Mex grill…chairs on tables, mopping floor…tried Offshores…also closing shop. (Disappointing for a Friday night, since we are late people, and our kids are getting big enough to enjoy being out with.)

Stone Elephant had great fare, burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. Service, food, and drinks were great, plenty of space for a large group; there was live music that was fun. Wasn’t crowded when we went, and an easy place to take kids. Wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Music is a little loud, but that just means we’re getting a little old. (I would never let on in front of my kids.)

Reminded me of the easy-going nature of Snuffer’s, but with a little more ambiance and better food. Thank you, Stone Elephant! I hope you’re around a LONG time!

They also have live music, sports watching and karaoke.

Stone Elephant, 67560 Abrams 214. 342.9200, stoneelephant.com