Every few weeks, we ask a Question of the Month on our Facebook Page. The best answers get published in the magazine’s “On Advocatemag.com …” section.

This month we asked: Who are your favorite local bands/musicians? And there were no shortage of answers.

Below, a sneak peek of the responses (and some we didn’t have room to publish), along with links so you can listen to some of Dallas’ best  grooves. And, by all means, if you’ve got a suggestion or two of your own, leave it below in the comments.

Rock on!

The Happy Bullets

The Lupners

The Backsliders

Chris Holt


Electro-Magnetics (or this link)

Charming Gardeners

Oliver’s Army (an Elvis Costello tribute band)

Morning Elephant

Monte Montgomery


Camille Cortinas

Cas Haley

Telegraph Canyon (or this link)

Slobberbone (or this link)

The King Bucks (or this link)

Polyphonic Spree (or this link)

Binary Sunrise

Nervous Curtains

Slider Pines (or this link)

Salim Nourallah (or this link)

Macon Greyson (or this link)

The Big Guns (or this link)

Deep Snapper (or this link)

Mount Righteous (or this link)