Something about people shoving tubed meat on soggy buns into their mouth at rapid speed, makes me hungry instead of nauseous.

After the infamous Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest on July 4th, I headed out to Chicago Hot Dog also known as Eddie’s Deli.  I ordered the Eddie Chili Dog.  It fed the craving for sure, but it wasn’t the perfection I had imagined.  First of all, I believe that every chili dog should come with purple onions (my opinion).  The dog did have a great crunch, but it was a little too thick for me.  I wanted more chili and cheese!  My only other complaint is that every hot dog joint should have fabulous accompaniment, like fries or potato salad.  This place had neither.  It did offer the authentic poppy seed bun; which is a plus.  Needless to say, I will return to try their other hot dog concoctions someday soon.

Chicago’s Hot Dog, 5844 Abrams Road
, 214.987.0605.