I realize that New York City is the source of all evil, but the following is worth noting given our ongoing travails with the Trinity toll road. New York state transportation planners are considering tearing down the Sheridan Expressway, a 1 1/4-mile highway in the Bronx, to ease traffic congestion and add green space.

John Norquist, the chairman of the Congress for a New Urbanism, says getting rid of the Sheridan was “a big important example because it’s in New York and it’s very visible; it would inspire other people that are trying to do the same thing.”

Can’t you see the cold sweat breaking out on the various foreheads of the ruling elite when they read that?

The arguments for getting rid of the Sheridan, according to the New York Times, are familiar to anyone who has been following the Trinity story (minus the flooding, of course). Or, as one state transportation official said: “We realize that we can’t just look at the highway facility itself; we need to look at the impact of a highway through the community it runs through. It needs to focus on not just moving traffic.”