Though it’s just the early show, the floor at Mouth comedy club in Deep Ellum is approaching standing-room-only status. Seconds after the lights dim, five energetic women take the stage to rock music, whoops and hollers. Sure, the audience is composed partly of supportive buddies and family (Lori “Lori-tab” Valle Wright, of Lakewood, notes that members of her large Hispanic family can be counted on to fill audience gaps), but considering that this is only their second performance as a group, the all-girl improv act known as Heroine Addiction is already gaining a respectable following. The women met while taking classes at Ad Libs school of improv.

They landed at Ad Libs for various reasons — Dawn “Dawn Syndrome” Douglass wanted to improve her public speaking skills, for example, while others, such as Catherine “Cathastrophic” Brockette, wanted to build upon previous acting experience. And Jenny “Estro-Jen” Clifton just wanted to test herself. “It seemed like the most frightening thing possible, and I wanted that inner challenge,” she says. The troupe also includes Lynsey “Hale Storm” Hale and Christa “Christa Meth” Haberstock, also of Lakewood. There’s also the nickname-less sound guy Michael Alger, who says working with the women has been a blast — “but what else is he going to say with all of us here?” Clifton chides. Joking temporarily aside, the women say they have bonded over the experience. Improv requires you to be open and vulnerable. To bear your soul, Brockette notes. “You have to trust those you are working with. And yourself.” Next step? “Letterman,” Clifton says. And we’re pretty sure she’s not joking.

—Christina Hughes Babb