Flashmart at Abrams and Park Ln. (near Skillman)

If you like this sign as much as I do (not), then you know the only thing worse would be this sign slowly falling apart and looking shabby(-er.)

Recently, gaps in the “Z” exposed bare flourescent tubing, which detracted from the flashy image the store normally tries to maintain.  During a conversation with our  LH Councilman, Jerry Allen, I mentioned my on-going despair about the sign. 

A week later Mr. Allen told me the condition of the sign was a code violation, and Code Compliance had notified the store they needed to repair the sign or possibly incur fines.  Sure enough, while driving by today, I was able to snap this picture of the now continuously yellow lightning bolt.

I can say two more nice things about Flashmart.  One — people who eat at the Taqueria (located inside) swear by the food, especially the breakfast burritos.  And two– Flashmart has an impressively broad selection of wine coolers, if you should ever crave new flavors.

Thumbs up to code compliance, Councilman Jerry Allen, and the business owners for making this little corner of the world one flash brighter.