061410-005-yosemite-road-chardonnay We all love an affordable bottle of wine, and sometimes it can be hard to find one without sacrificing taste. An article in June’s Advocate reviewed some of the tastiest rosés under $15, and determined that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a high quality glass of wine. Well, a Chardonnay taste test in the July edition of Consumer Reports magazine comes to the same conclusion. The magazine article rates several chardonnays priced at $10 or cheaper, and the article gives a “very good” rating to 7-Eleven’s new Yosemite Road Chardonnay.

The Examiner described the wine as "fresh and zesty with peach and honey notes." Consumer Reports seems to agree, giving the wine high ratings alongside well-known labels as Alamos Medoza 2008; Fetzer Valley Oaks 2008; Frontera 2009; Harthill Farms and Paul Varmer 2007 (both from Whole Foods); Oak Leaf (Walmart); and Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Blend 2008.

Best of all, the bottle price is listed at $3.99. So the next time I’m at 7-Eleven, I think I will reach for the bottle of wine instead of the Big Gulp.