Dallas police tonight plan to launch “Operation Triangle”, a summer-long crime fighting initiative focused on violent crime, property crime and public disorder in crime hot spots. So, how do they determine hot spots? Last year when I was working on a piece about crime in Lake Highlands, deputy chief Tom Lawrence explained that the police regularly conduct highly focused studies involving maps and grids to determine crime hot spots. Our Forest-Audelia area usually takes one of the top three spots on that list, though we’ve been hard at work against the troublemakers.

The summer initiative, that will hopefully thwart crime and disruption in our area, will employ several specialized units — including the Gang Unit, Operation Disruption, SWAT, and Narcotics — to combat violet crimes. Patrol and neighborhood policing officers will focus on property crimes and public disorder issues, respectively.

Say the Dallas Police media relation folks in today’s press release: “Our goal is to continue to reduce crime in Dallas by taking a proactive, well-planned approach throughout the summer months.”