Many of us around here appreciate and take advantage of the Dallas Arboretum. But isn’t it nice when outsiders recognize what a jewel we have right here in our neighborhood?

The Saturday Evening Post recently heralded the arboretum as one of America’s best botanical gardens. "Plants have unique challenges in North Texas — searing summer heat; severe winter temperature drops; drought possibility all year," the Post article states. "The Dallas Arboretum meets this climatic challenge, maintaining a model in regional gardening excellence."

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The weather hasn’t been the greatest over the last few days to enjoy the springtime beauty of the arboretum, and though the forecast is looking better this week, we still have some chances of rain ahead. The good news is that the arboretum has a raincheck policy — if it rains at all when you visit the arborteum, you can leave and, on your way out, pick up a voucher to visit any other day.