For you Lake Highlands dwellers, the closest Cantina Larendo location is at 6025 Royal, a few miles west of I-75, or, if you live closer to the East Dallas end of LH, 2031 Abrams.

Cantina Laredo has, in my opinion, the best guacamole around. It’s made tableside, so you can tell them how easy to go on the chopped onion. I’m also a huge fan of the chevice here because it’s peppered with capers — not traditional, but it works well with the scallops and lime juice.

Meals here are a bit on the steep side: lunch here will cost you about $12, and most dinner entrees are about $16. A better bang for your buck is brunch, which will run you about $10 and includes a free mimosa or Bloody Mary. Oh, and if you sign up for the online newsletter, you get one free order of the above-mentioned guacamole. You’ll also get special coupons throughout the year, including some freebies on your birthday.