Some people depend on the groundhog, for others it may be daffodils; but when the wisteria flower, spring is officially here.

 In early March I wrote that I was already anticipating the appearance of buds (or plain green leaves, as the case may be).  Apparently my vines had the 4-1-1 on the weather, because they remained firmly dormant all month, and throughout last weekend’s surprise snow.  Last Monday, well after the snow had melted, I looked for some sign of life.  The vines were still naked– but the tiny pre-buds (which may turn into flowers or leaves — you never can tell) seemed just beginning to swell.

 Wednesday evening it rained.  The next morning I looked outside and the situation had changed dramatically.  Between the snow and the rain, flower buds had formed, more buds than I could count!  (Who counts wisteria buds, you wonder?  Last year I had twelve.  You bet I counted them.) 

 Last year’s bloom was my first ever.  Of course it was exciting.  Maybe some day I will take the flowers for granted, but for now I fuss over them and take their pictures like a proud relative. 

 So the die are cast.  Bloom, or no bloom, soon the vines all over our neighborhood will sprout their leaves.  I predict we will begin to see wisteria clusters draping their pink and purple all around town as early as next week.  Enjoy!