I knew “The Hurt Locker” was going to take Best Picture this year. In fact, I called it here on this blog. But still, on Oscar night, I held my breath when I heard “and the winner is…” because really, I wanted “Precious” to win. I was holding out hope that somehow, it’d be the upset.

This movie is, in my humble opinion, one of the best. Not because of its dazzling special effects, not because of nail-biting action sequences — simply because of its plot. It tackles some heavy, heavy issues, like family violence and sexual abuse. A lot of it is hard to watch, to be honest. I think I went through about two boxes of tissues. But I’m glad someone was brave enough to bring these issues to light, because they’re happening and raising social awareness is the first step to addressing them.

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In spirit of raising that social awareness, The Family Place — a local nonprofit that helps victims of family violence — will be hosting a free screening of “Precious” at Studio Movie Grill this Tuesday night at 7. After the screening, Family Place counselors will host an audience discussion about some the issues raised in the movie.

Space is limited, so you’ll need to RSVP now if you’re interested. There will also be $2 off all beer and burgers that night, and though the screening is free, a $10 donation to The Family Place is encouraged.