Anyone who’s spent much time volunteering at Lake Highlands High School knows it isn’t really the principal who runs the show in that building (sorry, Mr. Kelly), it’s Karen Clardy. She serves as his executive assistant and she was right-hand-man for Dr. Bob Iden before him. Karen’s Lake Highlands home burned down Tuesday night. Karen and husband, Floyd, are fine.

The PTA is scrambling to find a way to help, and the mommy email network is trying to help locate an LH place to rent until she’s back in her home on Bill Browne near Forest Meadow Junior High.

The fire is under investigation, but initial indications point to a faulty electrical box. The Federal Pacific Stab-Lok box is installed in many homes in the area and is the same model which apparently caused the fire in the nearby house on Windy Crest in the fall. That fire killed three people.

Neighbors all around the much-loved Clardys are concerned about them, but concern is also growing about their own homes. They’re wondering if replacing the box is necessary to keeping their own families safe. When details become available from fire department investigators, we’ll share them with you here in the blog.