When Wildcat volleyball player Melanie Trostel was named a “Good Kid” by the Dallas Morning News last week, she realized some of her LH friends might see her picture in the paper. What she did not expect was a phone call from the staff in President George W. Bush’ Dallas office, inviting her to meet the former president. She caught his attention, they told her, when she listed the people she’d most like to meet as Eleanor Roosevelt and W himself. She’ll sit down with him Tuesday, March 9.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I’m so excited,” said Melanie, shown here in the center of a photo with volleyball teammates Rachael Zreet and Rachel Peters. “I’m honored that he would want to meet me.”

When she gets there, Melanie plans to remind Mr. Bush of a letter she wrote to him with her fifth grade classmates. He responded by writing to each of them individually, and she’s kept her letter framed in her room all this time. “I’ve always liked him,” Melanie told me this morning while traveling to OU for a college visit. “Now that I’m older I understand the great job he did as president and I appreciate his keeping traditional American values at the forefront of our country.” Her parents will accompany her on her visit Tuesday.