Mark Crotty is the new head of school for St. John’s Episcopal School, beginning July 1. Crotty served for 20 years at Greenhill School and for seven years at the Episcopal School of Acadiana before that. He chaired the Board of St. Christopher’s Montessori School in Dallas, where his daughter and son attended. He and his family are members of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, where his wife, Sallie, is a vestry member, and he has taught in the Christian education program.


The Lake Highlands High School Student Council honored their senior class favorites at a dance last month. Here are the winners:
• Mr. and Miss LHHS – Ricky Zorn and Elly Collett,
• Most Likely to Succeed – Shea Snider and Nathan Hogg,
• Class Favorites – Rachel Peters and Colman Vigil,
• Best Looking – Maurie Smith and Chris Nieto,
• Most Athletic – Sarie Morrison and Ricky Zorn,
• Most Humorous – Elly Collett and Brent Bono,
• Most Spirited – Caroline Keffer and Wil Matthews,
• Most Talented – Katie York and Jordan Brooks,
• Most Congenial – Sarah Holmes and Stephen Holmes.