Hundreds of you have been faithfulling following the Red Cat Consignment saga here at Back Talk (click here and here and here for archived stories) as it has lurched from being a simple business closing to a curious business decision to out-and-out deception about a bankruptcy filing.

Tuesday night on Fox 4 TV, reporter Steve Noviello managed to get Red Cat co-owner Steve Hall on camera not answering any questions and not being very cooperative, to put it kindly. I can’t say there was any new ground covered in the TV report, other than putting faces to the names you’ve been reading about and seeing some of the commenters on our blog talking about their personal anguish, but it’s worth a look for those reasons alone.

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Several people who say they’ve been victimized have filed complaints with the Texas Attorney General’s office, and several others have filed small claims court suits against the Halls. I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this one yet.