If you’ve never checked out Google’s Hot Trends, you’re missing out on some prime time-killing. It’s like peeking into the mind of our nation as a whole, which can be pretty dang intriguing. I mean who knew that so many barbecue fans were out there shopping for Jambo Pits, while others are preparing celebrations for Lady Gaga Day.

Slate.com is posing a challenge to readers: Use these top Google search trends to create a 600 word mash-up (think Mad Libs, but with Google Hot Trends instead of silly nouns and adjectives). You get extra points if you figure out how to put the hottest celebrity couple in the midst of the latest political scandal (I’m thinking that one has Angelina Jolie and John Edwards written all over it). The more Google Hot Trends you include, the better. All entries for Slate’s contest are due by 6 p.m. on Feb.1. Happy searching!

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