On Sunday, two recreational basketball teams full of LHHS senior boys went head-to-head for neighborhood bragging rights. The Wildcats, coached by Scott Bredehoeft, battled the Thunderstorms, coached by Bob Heger. The two LH dads have coached against each other for 20 years in support of their sons from the classes of 2004 and 2010.

Despite the Wildcat victory of 64-41, there were celebratory fist pumps and chest bumps on all sides. “The funnest part was knowing the guys on the other team,” added Tim Davis. “We’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time.”

“It’s a big rivalry – we wanted to win,” said Maguire Boles. “Everyone will be talking about this game at school on Monday,” said Wil Matthews. “It’s irrelevant who wins.”

Pictured are (back) Bob Heger, Taylor Stell, Jordan Brooks, Kelvin Bredehoeft, Michael Svedeman, Wil Matthews, James Duke, Luke Moser, Tim Davis, Kurt Stadelmann, Steven Heger, Scott Bredehoeft, Tyler Terrell and Matt Werther, and (front) Abraham Myers, Jordan Gerber and Maguire Boles.

"This is a game to see who has more heart," declared Advocate sports blogger Tyler Terrell. From that perspective, it was a tie game.