A few weeks ago the Dallas Running Club — a neighborhood-based organization on which we recently reported — kicked off their program to help hundreds of local runners train for the April 2010 Oklahoma City Marathon. Simultaneously, Army Major Dianna Terpin and other soldiers stationed at Camp Victory, Iraq, started training for the same event.

Just like those training here in our neighborhood, these military men and women at Camp Victory will run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, says the race’s director Jeff Kidder. They are officially registered for the race. They will receive T-shirts and finisher’s medals and their names will appear in the results, he says. Only, when everyone else is running the marathon in Oklahoma, they will be running it in the desert.

Terpin says the training conditions in Iraq aren’t bad at all right now — 60 degrees or so when she trains at 4:15 a.m. (0415 to her), but it will warm up significantly in the months leading up to April.

Dallas runners and Iraq-based runners are training together, virtually (supporting one another, sharing training data, etc.) through a social networking site for athletes.

The Dallas Running Club will purchase training supplies and help Kidder with the race costs (bibs, medals, etc.). Money donated to the effort will go entirely toward this soldiers’ race participation, and any excess funds raised will all be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Here’s where you can donate.