Three days after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, getting up-to-date information remains a challenge, but here’s the latest. WFAA-TV reports that all 12 of the Dallas volunteers from HPUMC were working in and around the eye clinic when the concrete building collapsed. Those who were able dug frantically to dig out the trapped. Five are injured, including: Jean Arnwine, internal injuries, Dr. Gary Fish, broken ribs, and Dr. Kenneth Foree from Lake Highlands, broken hand. Some reports have Dr. Foree and wife, Lila, evacuated to and waiting in the Domincan Republic, while others indicate they’ve made it to the Port-au-Prince airport. Planes chartered by the church to evacuate their members have been thwarted by restrictions on private flights, but some in the group have made it out safely already and the rest hope today will be the day.