There was much to celebrate at the LHHS Wildcat football banquet Saturday night, with Coach Scott Smith recognizing graduating seniors who were his first LH freshmen when he was hired four years ago and with the Cats earning the title Bi-District Champion and enjoying a 9-3 record and a fine playoff run.

And celebrate they did.

Coach Smith thanked players, parents, and administrators for a great season and showed appreciation for the band, cheerleaders, drill team and Bell Boys for cheering the team. Smith also thanked the Wildcat Club and football parents Mark & Ginger Dann and Jack & Pam Woodiel for their support. He recognized Bob Johnston, the Voice of Lake Highlands, who responded with a booming “Welcome to the Boneyard!” to stir the crowd, and he thanked John Menton, booth spotter and David Werther, team photographer. “We are proud of what our kids were able to accomplish,” Smith said.

Next Smith recognized each of his assistant coaches, who introduced their wives and praised their players. Quarterback Coach Lonnie Jordan called graduating senior Ricky Zorn a “great competitor with unparalleled work ethic” and spoke of his admiration for Ricky’s strong faith. Linebacker Coach Jeff Smith thanked parents “for letting us coach your kids” and implored returning players, “you young guys, now it’s your turn.”

Coaches praised players for accomplishments on and off the field, including those named All-District (Ricky Zorn, Jeremy Bracken, Jason Dann, James Duke, Desmond Roland, Scott Hanks, Kurt Stadelmann, Devonte Sunwengham, and Darius Baines) and those named to the Academic All Star Team (Ricky Zorn, John Woodiel, Kurt Stadelmann, Quincy Lane, Scott Morgan, and Matt Werther). Morgan, Zorn, and Stadelmann are shown here in the photo.

Finally, the coaches’ individual awards were presented: Jeremy Bracken-Defensive MVP, Desmond Roland-Offensive MVP, Jason Dann-Special Teams MVP and Ricky Zorn-Team MVP. Chui Kaping was given the Wildcat Award, “for contributions both on and off the field, for demonstrating strong character, and for the way he handles himself in the classroom and on the field.”