Incase you haven’t heard, it’s going to be cold this week — really, really cold. Forecasters are saying we’ll likely get the lowest temperatures we’ve seen in years.

That means neighborhood nurseries have their work cutout for them. This morning I spoke with North Haven Gardens general manger Leslie Halleck who told me staff there was moving plants into the greenhouse as we spoke.

“Some of our heartier plants we’ll leave out and cover with frost cloth, but the rest are being moved,” she said. “It’s not that we’ve never seen weather this cold — I remember we hit fourteen degrees about four years ago. The problem is that it’s staying consistently cold. Usually when we get a cold snap like this, it’s gone the next day. But in this case, it’s lasting for days.”

Most of us know the drill about bringing in potted plants and dripping outdoor water pipes—but here’s another handy tip: Water your plants today, before it freezes.

“Turgid plants are much more likely to survive a hard freeze,” Halleck explained. “If your plants are suffering trauma because they’re dehydrated, they’re less likely to make it through the cold weather. Ideally, everyone should water their plants today while it’s still sunny.”