When I heard we’d be writing about crafts for our December cover story, I pictured knitted potholders and things of that matronly nature. But it turns out there are some downright cool things being made here in our neighborhood — I know I eyed a few things I want Santa to bring me, and hopefully you’ve been inspired to also do some local holiday shopping, too.

But not everyone can be as talented as the neighbors we featured, most of which belong to Estsy Dallas, a collective of crafters. Our managing editor Keri Mitchell unearthed this gem, Regretsy, which profiles all those crafts that didn’t quite hit the mark. Fair warning: it’s a little racy, but hilarious. Think FAIL Blog, but for crafters. My personal favorite is the hand-painted Santa sweater. If you’ve got a “tacky Christmas sweater” party on the horizon, you’ll want to check that out. 

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