Isaac Grieder is a senior captain of the Lake Highlands wrestling team. He was the runner-up in last year’s state wrestling tournament in the 160-pound weight class. Grieder is also on the school’s track team and is a Wildcat Wrangler. Isaac’s father is Pete Grieder, the longtime coach of the L.H. wrestlers. 
Q: What is it like being coached by your dad?
A: It is fun because I get more of an advantage over my teammates. On the other hand, it is also tough because he expects a lot more out of me. I get pushed way harder than anybody else on the team.
Q: Do you ever have any scheduling conflicts between Wranglers and the wrestling team?
A: Yes. Sometimes I don’t get to perform because I am wrestling. It is especially bad on Tuesdays, when we have wrestling matches. When I miss performances, that affects my overall grade (in Wranglers class).
Q: I know that you competed in the decathlon this summer, what was that like?
A: It was an awesome experience. It was a totally new thing for me because this was my first time doing it. The decathlon helped me stay mentally tough and helped me stay in shape over the summer.

Q: If you were not on the track team and a wrestler at Lake Highlands, which sport would you play?
A: I would definitely play football. I really enjoy it and I was pretty good at it. I thought football was probably my best opportunity to play a sport in college.
Q: Do you think that you will be a coach, like your father, in the future?
A: Yeah that is a definite possibility. Four or five of my dad’s ex-wrestlers are becoming coaches right now and I think I could do the same. I have seen my dad coach many teams through the years, so I would have a little bit of experience. 
Q: Do you plan to continue wrestling in college?
A: Yes I would love to wrestle in college. But, if I can get a better scholarship by doing track in college, that is what I will do. If I have a choice between wrestling and track, I would pick wrestling.
Q: Your dad is a wrestling coach and your older brother Luke wrestled for Lake Highlands when he was in high school. Was it kind of a given that you would be a wrestler?
A: When I was younger, I did not really have a choice about doing wrestling. I really started liking it because my dad was the coach and it was a lot of fun. I did every sport as a child, and wrestling just kind of came naturally to me.