The Blockbuster at Royal and Central Expwy. is closing Sunday, Dec. 20. This store is one of more than 250 that the Dallas-based company is closing across the country. Blockbuster is being forced to shed about 20 percent of its stores after sales continue to decline, thanks in large part to competitors Netflix and Redbox.

I stopped by the Blockbuster on Royal to check out some of the closing specials. Everything from DVDs to the wire shelves holding them are being liquidated. Most movies are selling for about $7, and several books have been discounted to $5. There’s also a small collection of framed art (all movie-inspired, of course), and if you see a bin or kiosk you want, you can make an offer on it. The cashier told me there’d likely be another round of discounts right before they closed, so you may want to check back mid-December.

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