Wild for Cats, Lake Highlands’ academic booster club, hosted a party on the patio deck of the new press box at The Boneyard for LHHS teachers and staff. “We got to visit and watch the game,” said Missie Hendon, who works in the library and the front office at the school. “We enjoyed being on the party deck – it was like being in a suite.” And we have pictures.

Teachers dined from a taco bar and were treated to homemade desserts, including Paula Davis’ famous homemade chocolate chip cookies, while cheering for the Cats and watching the great halftime show. The party was given to thank teachers for their hard work on behalf of LH students.

“The faculty is so very appreciative of what Wild for Cats gives us,” Missie added. “Teachers enjoy the ability to request funds for the extras they can’t afford for their classrooms. And the College and Career Center (funded by Wild for Cats and the Lake Highlands Women’s League) has been a huge success. That office is now the hot place to be. It is making a difference in many kids going to college – students are coming in all the time to show off their acceptance letters. It’s a real blessing for our school.”

“This is our community, and it is our responsibility to make it better,” Wild for Cats Chairman and father of three Wildcats told a group of donors, who also attended the dinner. “A thriving LHHS means successful students, a vibrant LH neighborhood, and strong property values. Lake Highlands has the resources to do it, we have the desire, and Wild for Cats provides the vehicle to make it happen.”