Wesley Garth is a slot receiver and punt returner for the LH football team. Garth transferred from Richardson High School earlier this year and has quickly become a fan favorite. After sitting out the first few weeks of the season, Garth has become an integral part of the Wildcats’ offense.
Q: How is Lake Highlands football different from Richardson football?
A: Lake Highlands is definitely more fun than Richardson. I know more people at Lake Highlands than at Richardson, which helps. The people at Lake Highlands are a lot more fun too.
Q: Do you play any other sports besides football?
A: Along with football I also play basketball and run track. I am not going to play basketball for the school, though.
Q: What is the rule regarding students who transfer from one school to another? Were you allowed to practice with the team?
A: Yes, I was able to practice with the team, but Coach Smith ultimately got to decide when I was able to play in games.
Q: Was it hard to build chemistry with your teammates after joining the team late?
A: Some of the players weren’t as accepting as others. It was hard for some of them to trust me because I came from Richardson, a rival school. But I also knew some of the players before I came to Lake Highlands.
Q: What is your favorite video game?
A: I don’t have a lot of time to play video games, but when I do, my favorite is "Crash".
Q: What was it like playing against your old team when Lake Highlands played at Richardson?
A: It was really fun. I don’t think that they knew I was going to play, so it was a surprise. It was good seeing my old teammates.
Q: What was it like waiting for Coach Smith to tell you that you were able to play in games at Lake Highlands?
A: It was really hard to do. I begged Coach Smith every week to let me play and it was awesome when he finally did.