This week the Wildcat Sports Report with Coach Scott Smith will be temporarily renamed The Ricky Zorn show. All you Ricky groupies, aka "Zornies," be sure to show up at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Picasso’s Pizza and Grill to see charismatic LH quarterback in person.

The victorious LH cross country teams will also be there, including District 9-5A individual boys champion Meron Fessahaie, who’s quite an impressive young man himself. This is a chance to show your support for the cross country team before it competes in the 5A Region II meet on Saturday.

This is also a chance to ask Zorn why he chose to wear a Michael Ketchmark costume for Halloween.

Actually, that was the freshman Ketchmark deftly guiding the offense last Friday in the 37-7 win over Creekview. Zorn started the game, completed one long pass and spent the rest of the time on the sideline letting some bumps and bruises heal.

"We just wanted to keep his [Zorn’s] thought process the same," LH coach Scott Smith said. "So that he’s prepared to play whenever he’s called on."