I know how frustrating it can be driving on LBJ Freeway during rush hour. Especially traveling west with the sun in your eyes.

If that’s simply too much for you — or you live in Cambridge, Mass. — join us here Friday for live blogging of the Lake Highlands-Creekview game from Standridge Stadium in Carrollton.

Click on the video link below, and you can send yourself a reminder about the live blog so you won’t miss a play.

We’ll fire up the blog about 7 p.m. so you can participate in polls, get the latest breaking news about LH sports and participate in the game-long conversation with other LH football fans. It’s the most fun you can have without actually being there. And if you are there at the game, the program is compatible with most mobile phones that have an internet connection, so you can join in the fun from the bleachers, too.