The local-music faithful already know this, but neighborhood guy Trey Johnson has a new-ish solo album out and it’s a gem. 

Dozens of CDs wind up on my desk here — some make it to my car CD player for further review, and a few even wind up in my regular rotation and on my iPod, which I’m pretty picky about. One of my recent faves is Johnson’s CD, Mount Pelee, a lofty piano-driven, country-spiked compilation by the talented musician (formerly of Sorta) … more about the album and the musician here. I picked a couple of tracks I particularly enjoyed, which you can listen to below. After you listen, tell us what you think — I’ll run someone’s review in the December magazine. Better yet, Johnson has agreed to give away five CDs to the first five reviewers (hey, the reviews don’t even have to be positive — we just want to hear what you think). You can either comment in the comments section below, or e-mail me at with your thoughts.

Listen to Trey Johnson’s Unfavorable Way here. Listen to his The Radio here. E-mail me or comment to win the whole CD.