Even the “Jason” mask was stolen.

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Halloween was right around the corner, so maybe that explains why.
Scott Campbell is angry. A crook smashed the rear window of his Highland Village home while he was at work, and the thief made off with a television, video games, cash and an iPod Nano. And while it wasn’t Friday the 13th, the crook helped himself to a Halloween mask synonymous with the blockbuster “Jason”.

“It looks like they weren’t here but five or six minutes. The police were good about everything,” Campbell says. “If I had been home, and had a baseball bat, we might have had a dead person in my house.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time his home has been targeted by criminals. Five years ago, his car was stolen from his home, and also his car has been broken into.

“It’s just stuff that irritates you,” Campbell says.

Dallas Police Lt. Gloria Perez with the Northeast Patrol Division says it is imperative that residents make certain gates, windows and doors are locked at all times, and house alarms set. All window blinds should also be closed. Crimes like this often occur during the day because of convenience for the crook, she says.

“Crimes are committed predominately during the day because it is when most people are at work. It is easy to watch people go to work at the same time each day,” she says. “Good neighborhood community programs are very important. These programs are designed to know your neighbor and to look out for each other.”