Kristi Nelson did a story on last night’s Channel 5 ten o’clock news about brides trashing their wedding gowns. The idea is that you only get to wear the dress one time, so you may as well have some fun wearing it and capture the moment in wedding-quality photographs. If you missed it, catch it here. And, oh yeah, the bride featured is my niece, Kyle Kiser.

Kyle’s husband, Chance, is in the military and currently stationed in Korea. They were married in a lovely sunset ceremony at my in-laws’ Dallas home, and Kyle’s backless dress was stunning. Once the wedding was over, Kyle got the idea to create a new memory with the dress and capture the event in photographs. Kyle’s photo shoots include getting messy while decorating a cake, playing with puppies, and walking into the lake at sunset – all while wearing her bridal gown. In addition to sending the photos to her husband overseas, Kyle looks forward to having the keepsake photos to enjoy forever. Her mom, Debbie Toler, admits to having doubts but eventually came around to the idea. As Kyle told her, "it’s just a dress."