Most people know that Rachael Zreet is a senior on the Lady Wildcats volleyball team, but did you know she’s got one green eye and one brown eye?

If you purchased a hot pink ‘Cats for the Cure’ tee shirt, you likely met Rachael in person already. The fundraiser to cure cancer was her brain-child after teammate Emily Obenhaus was diagnosed with melanoma earlier this year. While lots of kids were lying out by the pool and hanging with their buddies, Rachael was seeking sponsors, working with the printer and delivering shirts around town.

You might also have sat next to her at a Wrangler performance – she often goes to watch boyfriend and bell boy, Brent Bono, perform. “I think being a Wrangler would be fun,” Rachael told me when I asked what she might be doing if LH had no volleyball team. “I’d like to try soccer, but I haven’t played since I was young. Also I liked gymnastics when I was a little girl.”

At 5’8”, it’s hard to imagine her as a gymnast. Rachael, who plays outside hitter, says so far the team has had a few upsets but is still working hard. She predicts the team will make it at least to the second round of regionals, but hopes, of course, to make it to state. Her game day ritual includes a Subway sandwich and playing a dancing game the team calls Jimmy Pa (“It’s our lucky tradition”).

Off the court she enjoys going to movies (she liked Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds) and listening to music (Lady Gaga is her favorite artist these days). She says junior English teacher, Amy Craft, has been her favorite teacher at LHHS thus far, and she misses her favorite all-time teacher, Ms. Fernandez, who moved away after teaching sixth grade at White Rock Elementary. She doesn’t plan to play college volleyball, instead hoping to study “something medical, maybe nursing” at Arkansas or UT.

Rachael has a message for the LH community – “Come out and watch us play! Anytime fans come out, it gets us all riled up. More fans means more excitement. We’d love to see you there!”

And if you’d like to support Cats for the Cure, wear your pink t-shirt for Pink Out tonight. It’s a home game – the first in district play – and there’s no conflict with football since the Cats played last night.