Life is good for LHHS senior Caroline Henton. She enjoys dancing as a Wrangler with the school’s country and western dance and stunt team, and she’s an outside hitter on the Lady Wildcat volleyball team. “It’s been kinda tough losing so many seniors,” she told me, referring to last year’s girls who made it to the state semi-finals. “But the seniors this year stepped into a leadership role quickly when Coach Cory Williams retired.”

She expects tonight’s away game versus Coppell to be a tough one. “We are trying to get in a groove and build the team with our young players. Coppell will be tough to beat in their gym.

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When she’s not playing volleyball, Caroline has lots of other interests. Her favorite movie is Centerstage (“it’s a ballet movie, and I love dancing”) and she enjoys listening to the Dave Matthews Band. If she wasn’t playing volleyball she thinks she might enjoy cheerleading (“I cheered in 8th grade, but I had to give it up to focus on volleyball”). Her favorite LHHS teacher is junior English teacher Amy Craft, and her favorite all-time teacher is Christina Joykutty, freshman Geometry. Her favorite lunch is edamame – she says she’s trying to “eat healthy”. (That sound you hear is me rolling my eyes. No worries there.)

When asked about next year she says she hopes to attend Texas A&M. “I probably won’t play college volleyball, even though my dad would like for me to. I love high school volleyball but it may be time for my playing days to come to an end, so I want to focus on having a great season with my team.”

Caroline says her team is “very goofy” and likes to dance before games. “We’d love to have more fans come out,” she says. “We’ve had some good crowds, but lots of people are focused on football right now.” Caroline says she’s looking forward regionals. “We expect to make the playoffs, and last year we had lots of people travel to watch us play the really challenging teams. The best part of volleyball is when our fans travel with us.”