Lake Highlands quarterback Ricky Zorn picked up where he left off in 2008 (well, before his injury in the playoffs). Zorn was masterful in running the offense, both in operating the option and finding open receivers.

He totaled 242 yards of offense – 101 rushing and 141 passing – and accounted for three scores. 

"I think we executed very well today," Zorn said. "The option is all about taking what the defense gives you."

Mesquite’s defense gave a lot. By the second half, LH’s offensive line had worn down the smallish Mesquite defensive front and the Wildcats were moving the ball at will.

The LH defense, meanwhile, came up with big play after big play. Mesquite got most of its yards, and half of its points, against LH reserves late in the game.

"I like what we did today," LH coach Scott Smith said. "It was a team win. The O-Line was just dominating. Defensively, I was proud of what we did."

LH took home a trophy as the winner of the inaugural North Texas Football Classic. More performances like tonight and it would not be a surprise to see the Wildcats return to Frisco’s Pizza Hut Park -only this time for the playoffs.