The camera work is a little shaky and there are a couple of moments when we shouldn’t have zoomed, but the pilot for our new weekly video feature — The Wildcat Sports Report with Scott Smith — isn’t bad. Frankly, we weren’t planning on putting this on the blog, but it turned out well enough to give it a shot. You can stream the 12 1/2 minute video here.

Each week, our Keith Whitmire and Smith, the Lake Highlands football coach, will chat about the previous week’s game and the upcoming game. We’ll feature some of the big plays, talk to other coaches and players, and interview players and coaches from other Wildcat sports. This is a work in progress; if you have ideas or suggestions (and we’re going to upgrade the camera work), send us an email.

And we’re planning to do the show live at the sponsor, Picasso’s Pizza and Grill, starting at the end of September. That way, you’ll be able to watch us do it and maybe even ask the coach a question.