On the back pages of Advocate magazine, you might have noticed a regular section entitled "Scene and Heard", where we run reader-submitted photos of events happening in the neighborhood. If you have captured a Kodak moment (on the first day of school, at a high school play, a charity function, open house, sporting event, neighborhood association picnic, or the like) please send it my way. Be sure to include captions complete with names of the people pictured and information about the event including its location.

And, I want to try something new in the Lake Highlands magazine that has been popular in our Oak Cliff publication for some time now —next time you travel somewhere, snap your photo with the Advocate. For example, if you are having your picture taken in front of Niagara Falls or Mt. Rushmore, display your Advocate magazine in the photo.  (Pictured is an example of a couple Oak Cliff guys at the pyramids.) OK, you get the idea.

Now, send all those great photos to us here at the Advocate. We obviously can’t run all of them, but I will select a fabulous few every month.