Job interviews can cause obsessive thoughts — am I qualified? Did my last answer make sense? Is there something in my teeth? But sitting in a job interview several months ago, designer Paul Wackym thought to himself, “Either I’m going to get this job or I’m going to make cookies.” You see, Wackym had a longstanding love of baking — he’d “tinkered around in the kitchen quite a bit,” but considered cookery a hobby, even though he had passively pondered the idea of making a career of it. He was hired after the interview, but in a bittersweet twist of fate, the company filed for bankruptcy a few weeks later. When the job fell through, his first thought was, “do it. Do it now.” He did. Within a few weeks his half-baked cookie business dreams took shape. He created cookies so delicious that within a few months they were selling at the Green Spot Market, The Pearl Cup, Mockingbird Station Farmers’ Market and the swanky Uptown Carwash. Chapman’s Chili Kitchen in East Dallas purchased a batch one morning and ordered more that very afternoon. Wackym — now known appropriately as “The Baker Man” — also sells his crave-inducing cookies Saturdays at the Dallas Farmers Market, which is where he learned most of what he knows about marketing and developing his product. His most popular treat — the one customer Selena Urquhart calls “divine” — is the margarita cookie. With one taste, it’s easy to understand why. Made with a dash of key lime and sea salt, each bite is a divine medley of tart-y, salty sweetness — get them while you can, since he has a tough time keeping them in stock.

Visit for a list of neighborhood spots that carry The Baker Man’s goodies, or to buy his cookies online.