Youth from Lake Highlands United Methodist Church are back in the neighborhood, tanned and tired but glowing from their experiences on a mission trip to Matamoros, Mexico. They worked alongside a local pastor in the tiny town of Martha Rita, playing soccer with kids in the streets and building relationships with local families. They helped build an addition to the local church and created a back deck where kids can play. Construction was supervised by local remodel pro Bob Moisan, who is an LHUMC member and attended the mission trip with his son, Brad, an LHHS junior.

“I was so proud of our youth and their gift of service,” said Stephanie Moser, youth minister at LHUMC. “They spent time with the kids, telling stories about their life. They shared the message that God is at work in all of us and loves each one of us, no matter what our background is our where we live.”

The youth also helped the local pastor feed needy mothers and children, then interacted with kids at a nearby orphanage. Even amid great poverty and need, the youth found the residents happy to meet them, grateful for their help, and content with what little they had. A great life lesson was learned by youth living in abundance from children living with limited possessions but with great faith.

The highlight of the trip, they said, was seeing the children’s faces light up when they pulled out the bag of soccer balls to give away. The LHHS soccer team donated 50 soccer balls for the trip, and pick-up games erupted all ‘round. “Our lives were changed by this experience,” said Stephanie. “We are already looking forward to going back next year.”