You’d think Reid McCann would have enough on his plate just getting ready to go off to Harvard. Instead, the former Lake Highlands defensive end and recent LH grad has filled up his summer with a number of worthwhile efforts.

McCann started a junior high workout program with Brian Lonergan, similar to the WAC program the high school athletes participate in.

"It’s been a blast," McCann said. "And we’ve had almost 100 different kids show up over the summer, so it’s been more than we could have asked for."

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McCann, nicknamed The Harvard Hammer by yours truly, has also been working at Smith Barney – he wants to be an investment banker – and is brushing up on his Spanish.

"I have to take it next year and I haven’t spoken it since sophomore year, so I’m in trouble there," McCann said. "No Bueno."

McCann has also been getting in his workouts for football, following a program Harvard’s coaches gave him. He has a chance to start as a freshman at deep snapper, which would also move him up higher on the depth chart at defensive end and on special teams. He leaves for two-a-days in mid-August, which might be a break from all the activity he’s had over the summer.