Tired of sitting at your stop wondering when the next bus will make an appearance? Well, DART  is testing a new online tool called “Where’s my Bus?” that will allow users to track their bus’ progress via a Google map, giving a “near-real time” estimate of the arrival time. The website features GPS technology that updates every 70 seconds to supplement the scheduled arrival times that are also available.

The site, m.dart.org, can be accessed from web-enabled cell phones and desktop/laptop computers. It’s designed primarily for the iPhone, so I found it difficult (but not impossible) to peruse on my cell phone’s two inch screen. Users with larger screens should hopefully have little difficulty getting around.

In addition to arrival information, the site has a link for rider alerts (including construction changes, route updates, etc.), fare information and a FAQ section.  There’s also a feedback form that users are encouraged to use since the tool is still in testing stages. For more information, including a short video demonstrating how the site works, take a look at DART’s news release.