While their friends are sleeping late and lounging by the pool, Lake Highlands High School senior Jordan Brooks and recent graduate Bayo Ajibade are up early and on the road. They’re traveling the country with the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, an elite group of musicians based in Denver, Colorado. Jordan and Bayo are on the drum line, competing in the Drum Corps International (DCI) Summer Tour.

DCI is often referred to as Marching Music’s Major League, but Jordan’s mother, Julie, calls it Halftime on Broadway. Big musical numbers, elaborate choreography, and showstopper performances leave sold-out crowds cheering in stadiums all over the United States. And Julie knows a thing or two about halftime performances – she was an LHHS Highlandette lieutenant and later directed the drill team.

The Blue Knights placed third Tuesday night in New Mexico and third again last night in Arizona, then they’ll practice in California today for tomorrow’s competition (see their full schedule here). Their 17-state tour will culminate in the nationally televised DCI World Championships in Indiana in August. Read more after the jump:

Jordan and Bayo auditioned for the Blue Knights in November, competing with mostly college students from all over the US. During the school year, they traveled to Colorado once a month for rehearsals and took final exams early to make it to their version of training camp in May. Though the 7 am to 10 pm all day practices can be grueling, both boys loves it and hope to return next year.

The highlight of the tour will be Jordan and Bayo’s return to the Boneyard to compete at the DCI event here in Dallas on July 16. Fellow Wildcat marching band members and parents will be there to cheer them on while they serve in their capacity as host school. The event is a fundraiser for the band booster club, which serves band students in all Lake Highlands schools (purchase tickets here). The two-day competition will feature twelve bands each day, but Thursday, July 16 is your only chance to see Our Boys. While the competition continues Friday, they’ll be competing in Houston at the next event.

As Jordan’s parents prepare to fly to California to catch some performances, his father couldn’t be more proud. “Through the drum and bugle corps experience,” David said, “these young people develop life skills including self-discipline, teamwork, and leadership. I can’t wait to see what they can do.”