When we blogged a couple of weeks ago about JAH Realty’s continued search for tenants at the Royal Highlands Plaza on the northeast corner of Skillman and Royal, several readers commented that they would be unlikely to shop there because of safety issues.
I asked Ethan Slavin, director of leasing at JAH, to read over the comments and respond specifically about what is being done to combat this image problem and make the area safe for future shoppers and diners.
According to Slavin, JAH has conducted several meetings over the past year with various homeowner groups in the area to develop a marketing plan that they feel will serve the Lake Highlands residents.
To this end, JAH has renovated the property and “intensified the on-site security” by installing cameras and monitoring equipment and building sidewalks along Skillman to divert pedestrian traffic out of the parking lot.
Slavin also noted that in September of 2007 JAH terminated various leases, specifically with a former convenience store that they believed was “creating a public nuisance.” Slavin said they are now concentrating on finding just the right mix of tenants to serve Lake Highlands residents.
“Once we complete the renovation and install new tenants in this project, we are confident that the Lake Highlands residents will feel welcome and safe shopping at Royal Highlands Plaza,” Slavin said.