With tough economic times come new Internet ventures dedicated to ways to save money. With this new blog, Fifty Bucks a Week, three writers try to feed themselves and their families on a budget. It’s not only entertaining, but also chockfull of cash-saving ideas. For a primer on how the site came about and how it works, check out Time’s Q&A with the bloggers.
Are you just about all summered out?
You’re not the only one. We’ve heard of people not liking December … who knew August was such an abomination as well? In this Slate.com reprint (it was first published in 2001 and met with so much response that the site has re-run it nearly every August since), writer David Plotz rolls out the reasons why our eighth month should be annihilated. Among them: the weather (scorching), the history (depressing), the politics (scheming). But the funniest: “Wings and Jefferson Airplane were formed in August.”
Speaking of reasons to loathe late summer, here’s one more: household wars over the thermostat. It seems household temperature might be the ultimate battle of the sexes, and it’s apparently waged in so many American households that the Washington Post recently covered it. And it seems the men have the logical argument, or so it would seem from this quote: “My philosophy is that it’s much easier for everyone else to put on a sweater or a down parka than for me to walk around completely naked.” Who can argue with that?
And, because we’re in the dog days of summer, here you go. Enjoy this collection of 1,200-plus photos of dogs doing what humans sometimes can’t: enjoying the heat. Or, for just a sampling, click here, here or here.