This week’s Friday Productivity Killer comes to us courtesy of our editor Christina Hughes Babb, who discovered this gem on the back of a Cheez It box. Trek Yourself lets you make yourself and your friends into Star Trek characters. Go to the website, and you’re treated to a pretty sweet animation (just make sure you have the sound up to get the full hilarity).

You pick your character: Captain, Vulcan, Officer, or Romulan. Then you upload a photo, or link to Facebook and pull one from there, or go online (in case you want to use a celeb photo, like this one of Shaquille O’Neal turned Vulcan). The website then converts that into a CGI character. I’m thinking there are also some pretty funny possibilities using pet and baby photos.

The best part: You get to pick a cheesy phrase for the character to say, or you can type your own message for the character to read in a robot voice, which is creepy and hilarious. From there, you can email it to as many people as you’d like, or post it directly to Facebook. Enjoy!