When the new school year begins in the fall, Lake Highlands High School students will have a new resource available to them – the LH College and Career Center. Led by Dr. Brenda Prine, who currently serves as the school’s testing coordinator, the center will provide resources to guide students and their families through the complicated process of college entrance exams, interest assessment, admissions, and scholarship applications.

“The center is something much needed at LHHS,” Dr. Prine said as she began the process of preparing for her new job. “We aim to increase the percentage of LHHS students across all student subpopulations entering college successfully.” Dr. Prine knows a thing or two about putting kids through school. Her own Wildcats, Andrew, Hilary, and Preston, were standouts here and went on to study at Baylor and TCU.

The center will be located in a room just inside the LHHS library, enabling students and parents easy access. “Even families in which both parents went to college can find the process daunting,” said LHHS principal Walter Kelly, who pushed to bring the project to fruition. “We want to make every possible resource available to ensure the success of our students in this highly competitive environment.” A grant by the Lake Highlands Women’s League will cover costs in the first year.

“We have the best teachers and principal at LHHS, and our students are full of energy, life, and endless possibilities,” said Dr. Prine. “Guiding them through these years and assisting in this journey will be very exciting!”