You see them on TV and listen to them on the radio. Their faces and voices are recognized, respected, criticized and even adored, but out of the studio, these neighborhood stars are not so different from us — they exercise, stuff their faces, idolize heroes, love their kiddos, and dream of faraway places. And despite their high-profile jobs, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

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Corby Davidson: KTCK The Ticket “The Hardline” host 
Corby “The Snake” Davidson — encouraged by co-host and Ticket old-timer Mike Rhyner, plus on-air producers Danny Balis and Michael Gruber — delivers bizarre bits, haphazard entertainment news and community quick-hits peppered with hot sports opinions and fits of high-pitched laughter during the daily drive home. His subversive silliness endears listeners, but might shock newcomers to his particular brand of humor. Consider that a warning.

What is the first thing you do when you leave work every day?
Take a heavy sedative.

Favorite food/drink and where do you buy it?
I am a sandwich guy, and I alternate between Mr. Goodcents, Potbellys, WhichWich and Jersey Mike’s. I also like whiskey.
Do people often recognize you around town?
Yes, they do, and they are greeted with a quick punch to the larynx.

What’s the wildest thing a listener has said to you?
Asked me if my 3-year-old was interested in getting into radio.

Favorite super hero?

Favorite real-life hero?

How long do you actually spend preparing for entertainment news — do you read past the headline before you go on air?
Ten minutes and no. It makes for more entertaining radio.
What’s your favorite “Hardline” segment?
I don’t have a favorite segment. I’m generally disappointed with all of them.

Where are we most likely to find you on a weekend morning? Night?
Weekend morning: walking my dogs or playing basketball with my son. Weekend evening: passed out in an alley.

When you get out of Dallas, where do you most like to visit?
OU football games.

Where have you never been that you want to go?
Grand Prairie.

What’s the last thing you read?
The caloric contents of a power bar.
Best movie last year?

What kind of ringtone do you have on your cell phone?
My ringtone is “Who Let the Dogs Out”. The Baha Men are the Beatles in my eyes.

Any neighborhood organizations that are near and dear to you?
Nothing near and dear in the ’hood quite yet, though I’ve grown fond of the crack dealer on the corner of Audelia and Walnut Hill.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?
I can sing the entire theme song to “Scooby Doo” word for word. Seriously, I can.
What would you be if you weren’t a radio show host?
Scary as it may seem, a teacher, probably history.

Who’s your favorite local celeb other than yourself?
I am partial to Grubes [producer Michael Gruber].

Is your ankle still hurting  from that Lake Highlands basketball game?
My ankle is still sore. Thank you for reminding me that I got hurt playing against high school girls.

Steve Pickett: CBS-Ch. 11 reporter
Steve Pickett is nationally renowned for his journalistic accomplishments. He has been awarded for a series of human-interest pieces from the heart of the Iraq war and has received accolades for his insightful reports on education, race relations and crime. When we caught up with him, the rushed reporter was on assignment but took a moment to answer a few lighthearted questions designed to help us get to know him better. 

Favorite food and where do you buy it?
My favorite food right now is Thai food. There’s a spot on Forest Lane [Thai2Go]; there’s Bangkok City and Royal Thai. 

Do people recognize you around the neighborhood?
Let’s hope! They know I’m on TV, but sometimes they’re not exactly sure in what capacity. For example, people might come up to me and say, “How’s the weather?” and when I was covering a story at Lake Highlands Elementary the other day, a little boy ran up to me and said, “Hello, Mr. Obama.”

Your most interesting interview or assignment?
There have been many — covering the war in Iraq was interesting and demanding. Covering Hurricane Katrina was perhaps the most devastating. Going to Iraq, I at least knew what to expect, but that was not the case with Katrina. I never anticipated the things I saw there.

What has been your best day on the job? Worst?
The worst that I can think of is having to go interview a mom who had lost two sons to AIDS. It was pretty bad — that’s two of her children. But even with the bad stuff, it is a fulfilling job. The best and most reaffirming day was winning an Emmy Award for coverage surrounding the war. The stories were not about the war as much as the people affected by it.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
Pacific Northwest — specifically Portland.
Where might we find you on a day off?
You would probably find me out taking pictures somewhere, maybe shooting a wedding. Photography is sort of my second passion. I like to hang out at certain spots in the neighborhood — especially near Lake Highlands High School, where my son, Patrick, goes to school — such as Mi Cocina, and he likes Picasso’s.

Your dream job, besides broadcaster?
Fashion photographer.

Best movie last year?
“The Reader”, because it surprises you.

Who are you listening to? Name three artists on your iPod.
Earth Wind and Fire (the greatest band ever), Luther Vandross and David Sandborn.

Who is your real-life hero?
I’m going to go with Reginald Denny. I was covering the LA riots when this man, a truck driver, was savagely attacked. But this man has no hatred or disdain. He showed this incredible type of spirit after such a horrible thing happened to him — he literally turned the other cheek. As far as mentors, I always watched Peter Jennings, and Leo Smith at Leo’s BBQ in Oklahoma City taught me that hard work pays off.

Favorite local celeb besides yourself?
Shawn Rabb at Fox 4 really has the ability to tap into the heart of regular people.
What are your thoughts on Facebook and social networking sites?
I am a Facebook addict. I have reconnected with dozens of people I hadn’t seen in 30 or so years.  

Do you have any talents or hobbies that would surprise your neighbors?
I like to work out, run and play basketball, and I cook a mean Filipino Chicken Adobo.

And to whom do you feed that?
My son and my wife, Rachel.

Chip Waggoner:  Fox-Ch. 4 traffic and news reporter
He seems a little different without the headphones and incessant helicopter buzz encircling his head, but neighbors still know his face — most of the time, that is. When he’s not hovering over the Dallas traffic scene or talking to you in your living room, Chip Waggoner is probably somewhere nearby — golfing, grabbing a spicy burger or hanging with his wife and son.

What is the first thing you do when you leave work every day? 
Go straight to bed and crash, or at least that’s what I should do most days.

Favorite food and where do you buy it? 
Jake’s Flaming Rooster — that’s one spicy sandwich. You’ll also catch me hanging out at Mariano’s quite a bit. Love that salsa!

Do people often recognize you around town? 
I could go to the same store back-to-back days. One day I’m just an average Joe, but the next day I have several folks say, “Hey! Aren’t you … ?”

What’s the wildest thing a fan or viewer has said to you?
More like weirdest — one lady told me that I’m the only person who sees her in her robe other than her husband. I wanted to tell her the TV thing isn’t a two-way mirror, but I knew that would be a wasted use of time. I just smiled and nodded.

Your hero?
My son. 

Do you ever get caught in traffic, or are you too traffic savvy for that?
Never! Well, OK, sometimes. If I have a speaking engagement or other activity to go to after work, I occasionally “cheat” and take a look at my route to see if it’s all clear.

Where are we most likely to find you on a day off?
On a golf course somewhere.

That night?
Hanging out with the family.

When you get out of Dallas, where do you most like to visit? 
The Hill Country, or if I had extra cash lying around, Playa Del Carmen.

Where have you never been that you want to go? 
Scotland. To play golf, of course!

What’s the last thing you read? 
“The Shack”, by William P. Young.

Best movie last year? 
Movies? There were movies released last year?!? My wife and I have two kids under 8 years old. We’re lucky if we even see one movie a year that’s not geared toward kids.

Non-profit organizations that are dear to you?
Scottish Rite Hospital.

Describe our neighborhood in one word.

Why did you choose to live in Lake Highlands? 
It’s a tight-knit community with a small-town feel nestled in a big urban area with terrific schools.

What would you be if you weren’t a TV broadcaster? 
Probably a school teacher/baseball coach. Possibly a youth minister.

What are your thoughts on Facebook/Twitter and similar social networking sites? Do you tweet?
I do all my blogging on the website and have yet to venture into the realm of Facebook and Twitter — I’m a little leery about jumping in because of my profession.

Who’s your favorite local celeb other than yourself?
I most like listening to Texas Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel.

Ben Rogers and Jeff “Skin” Wade: 105.3 The Fan “The Ben and Skin Show”
This wacky duo — Berkner High School alums who hail from the Lake Highlands area — have turned schoolboy shenanigans into an income-producing gig during drive-time on Dallas’ new FM sports station, The Fan. Questioning them off-air is insightful — you learn it’s not an act at all. Seems they really are just a couple of old friends who are generally paid to goof around.

What is the first thing you do when you leave work every day?
Ben: I like to do a set of curls with the lightest person in the room. Not only does it keep me in shape, but it also lets everyone know how [tough] I am.  
Skin: I generally go wherever Ben is headed to watch him do curls.

Favorite food/drink and where do you buy it?
Ben: My favorite drink is an Orange Julius, but I haven’t had one since 1984 (roughly the same year I had my last Orange Whip).
Skin: I’m a big fan of sushi at spots like Kenichi, and I also dig pizza at Brother’s over off of Abrams.

What’s the wildest thing a listener has said or done to you?
Ben: One time, a brave listener listened to an entire show from beginning to end. It was crazy. I kind of felt bad for him because, you know, he’ll never get that time back and stuff, unless he buys a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor and that’s like, crazy unlikely.
Skin: Aside from a fan of the previous show — whose timeslot we replaced — calling for the death of my loved ones, it’s all been one big summer of love.

Favorite super hero?
Ben: I tend to like the more obscure ones, like Elbowman. Man, criminals are screwed if he’s ever able to get close enough to plant one of those power-crushing elbows on them. He rarely gets close, though, because he typically gets shot or stabbed before he can get his oversized pumpkin-elbow in range. Come to think of it, he’s terribly ineffective. Next question.
Skin: I like Ghandi, but not the one you’re thinking of.

Where are we most likely to find you on a day off?
Ben: I am a homebody. I have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, and I hate being away from them. My wife also loves to stare at me lovingly, and since that’s important to her, I try to give her that gift by staying close to home most of the time.
Skin: I often find myself in a mall play area yelling at undisciplined bigger kids for plowing over my little kids.

What’s the last thing you read?
Ben: “Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back”, by Josh Hamilton.
Skin: An email containing these questions.

Best movie last year?
Ben: “Slumdog Millionaire”. I also loved “Iron Man” and “Man on Wire”.
Skin: Didn’t see much last year, but I laughed a lot during “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, and “Synecdoche, NY” was pretty interesting, but kind of grueling.

Most exciting interview you’ve done?
Ben: It would have to be Tom Wilson (the guy who played Biff Tannen in the “Back to the Future” movies). Admittedly, I was expecting it to be a mail-in style interview, but he made me laugh so hard that my face hurt.  
Skin: I interviewed Andy Samberg one time, and he was down to riff so that was cool.

Top five songs on your iPod?
Ben: “Country Living”, Carter Albrecht; “Boombox”, The Lonely Island; “Claire De Lune”, Debussy; “Universal Mind Control”, Common; “Eve”, Thomas Newman from the “WALL-E” soundtrack.
Skin: “When You’re Younger”, Carter Albrecht; “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”, Radiohead; “100 Yard Dash”, Raphael Saadiq; “Jus Biz”, Diverse; “Spanish Joint”, D’Angelo.

Any neighborhood organizations that are near and dear to you?
Ben: My mom has been a volunteer counselor at the Suicide and Crisis Center for over 25 years, so that organization is very close to my heart.
Skin: I’m too self-absorbed to be in any way beneficial to people.

How did you end up in your line of work?
Ben: I was selling advertising at KSTR 49, and they were desperate for some cheap — OK, free — Dallas Mavericks content. I begged and begged until finally the great Rick Mills gave us a chance to do some on-air stuff. We’ve basically parlayed that initial opportunity into each opportunity since.
Skin: By hanging out with Ben.

Tell us about the best or worst day on the job?
Ben: The best day — no, week — of my entire career was being at Rangers spring training this past March. The access to the players was amazing, and we were surrounded by the great game. We created relationships that just blow my mind. Ian Kinsler sent me a text during a show a few weeks ago urging us to talk more Rangers. That’s just surreal. The worst day was the day that I realized that even though this is my dream job, it is still just a job on many different levels — the same [stuff] that exists in every other job also can just as easily exist in your dream job. It’s given me some valuable perspective that will help me for the rest of my life.
Skin: The last eight months have been a blur with zero highs and lows.

What would you be if you weren’t a radio-show host?
Ben: I’d be selling advertising again. I absolutely love that job. I realize that sales careers can often be perceived negatively because obviously there are some serious cheeseballs whipping everyone with their polyester bend-over slacks. But selling television ad time is near the top of the sales pyramid to me.  
Skin: I’d spend more time on the music production company I’m a partner in.
What are your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and the like?
Ben: I just recently got down with Facebook and will soon be sucked into the Twitter universe as well. I dig it. I love it when people Facebook me during the show on my personal page and keep up with us on “The Ben and Skin Show” Facebook fan page.
Skin: I think it’s a fun diversion. Not too wrapped up in it, but I like keeping up with old friends and such.

Who’s your favorite broadcaster/local celeb?
Ben: No joke, it is my co-host, Skin. I know that sounds canned and fake, but it is true. He is absolutely brilliant. We’ve been friends for 25-plus years, and I have so much respect for his immense talent and the type of person that he is. He makes me laugh uncontrollably a few times every day. I wish we could broadcast our off-air conversations.
Skin: Ben is so right about me that it’s hard not to pick myself. But that’s too obvious. Ben is the best dude in the world to do a show with, and there is no second choice. How many people get to do a fun job with someone they’ve been friends with for 25 years? That is not lost on us; sometimes we say to ourselves, “Can you believe how lucky we are to be on this career path?”

I heard one of you put out a rap album? Really? And where can we get it?
Ben: The group is called The Coffee Nods, and the album is called “Grown”. It’s rap music for grown ups, without cuss words. I’ve always liked hip-hop, but can’t relate to today’s lyrics as an adult. I still like the beats, so I decided to produce a project with great beats but grown content. I had a blast making it. You can find it on iTunes or have one from my trunk.
Skin: I haven’t done anything with Hydroponic Sound System in a while, but you can find all our releases on iTunes.